In a very complicated, over scheduled world it’s the little moments of simplicity that make it all worth it…

Why does it seem like in today’s society everything has to be complicated… no longer can we throw a simple birthday party for our one year old or can we just make a simple chocolate cake for that dinner party at your best friend Jill’s house this Friday. Nor can we just toss our hair up in a plain Jane pony tail or plan a simple night out to the local watering hole for Shelly’s bachelorette party… gone are those days (thanks Pinterest!)

Now we need to have a lavish over the top themed birthday party, petting zoo and all, for little Vivian who is going to be more entertained with the ribbon on her gifts then the miniature horse that you just spent 2 month’s rent on but as long as you top cousin Susan’s daughter princess party it’s all worth it …right?

I’m just as obsessed with having the best wrapped gift and most talked about homemade cupcakes as the next millennial mom but what I’ve come to realize is everything in moderation. I don’t want to be so obsessed with having the perfect monthly pictures of my son that I forget to  be present.  Yes I may have the perfect pictures but I don’t want to spend my life looking through a lens when I can be in the here and now too. 

Life is about balance, everything in moderation. I love more lazy mornings of cuddles and coffee but i also love my days of chaos and pulling off the perfect event or nailing a meeting.  These is just a blog with tips and  shortcuts that I have learned  throughout my journey. Please be sure to comment and let me know any secrets you have or if you were able to find some of my knowledge useful! 

– Simplee AP